The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is an international organization that regulates trade between member countries. It was established in 1947 and the GATT Anti-Dumping Agreement is one of its most important provisions.

Dumping is a practice where a country sells goods below their normal value in another country`s market. This can be harmful to domestic producers as they cannot compete with the artificially low prices of the foreign producer. To curb this practice, the GATT has established the Anti-Dumping Agreement to protect domestic markets and industries from unfair trade practices.

The agreement provides a framework for countries to investigate and impose anti-dumping duties on imports that are deemed to be unfairly priced. It requires a transparent and fair investigation process before the imposition of anti-dumping duties. Anti-dumping duties are additional tariffs imposed on the imported goods to bring them to a fair market price level and prevent them from harming local industries.

The GATT Anti-Dumping Agreement also sets out the criteria that must be met for anti-dumping measures to be imposed. These include an investigation into the dumping practices, a determination of the injury to the domestic industry, and the establishment of a causal relationship between the dumping practices and the injury to the domestic industry.

However, the GATT Anti-Dumping Agreement is not without controversy. Some critics argue that it can be used as a protectionist measure by domestic industries seeking to limit competition from foreign producers. The agreement has also been criticized for being difficult to enforce and prone to manipulation by governments and corporations.

Despite these criticisms, the GATT Anti-Dumping Agreement remains an important tool for regulating international trade and protecting domestic industries from unfair competition. It ensures fair competition in the global market and helps countries maintain a level playing field.

In conclusion, the GATT Anti-Dumping Agreement is an essential provision of the GATT`s framework for regulating international trade. It provides a transparent and fair process for investigating and imposing anti-dumping measures, protecting domestic industries from unfair competition, and ensuring fair competition in the global market.

Gatt anti Dumping Agreement